Welcome to Enchanted to Meet Me.

This “public travel journal” is the third (or is it fourth?) iteration of Emily and I’s efforts to work together on a passion project. We started with a work-based podcast, but it didn’t spark our enthusiasm so we discarded it. Instead, we decided to create a traveller’s blog to share and learn about how to create a more enchanted life.

Definition of enchanted
placed under or as if under a magic spell an enchanted forest/island

having or seeming to have a magical quality an enchanted evening

We chose “Enchanted to Meet Me” to reflect the nature of our current journey. Emily and I are more than 20 years apart in age but we both struggle with the same challenges. External and internalized expectations have caused anxiety, unhappiness and, in some cases, illness. Hence, we are embarking on a rediscovery journey.

The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned,
in order to know himself.

e e cummings

Our journey, to paraphrase Danielle LaPorte, is to discover who we were before the world told us who we should be.

Should is a terrible word.

Our world wields words like “should” and “must” like weapons. Family, employers, communities, internet influencers and marketers tell us what we should do to be more attractive, a good person, a better parent…the list is endless.

But, the worst is when we use that weapon against ourselves in our self talk. Our journey is to discard what limits us and start choosing what we “want” instead.

Our hope is that this site becomes a virtual community table at a roadside inn. Where explorers in different stages of their own journeys come not only to hear other’s experiences, travel tips and advice on the road ahead, but to share their own.

So, please…grab a seat, your favorite drink and join our discussion. Every journey is different. Every journey has it’s share of hard-won insights, interesting experiences and laughable absurdity.

We look forward to sharing our stories and hearing yours!

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